As you get older, you may start noticing wrinkles and fine lines. If these lines bother you, you may be a good candidate for non-surgical treatments like BOTOX®. This injectable medication is an exceedingly popular option for wrinkle reduction and skin tightening. When administered by a clinical professional, it can produce safe and natural-looking results. Dr. Naveen Ahuja, a double board-certified plastic surgeon, personally administers Botox injections to patients in the NYC area.

How Does Botox Work?

Botox is a derivative of botulinum toxin, a natural substance that when used in small quantities can temporarily soften, reduce, and remove certain wrinkles, creases, and fine lines. Derived from bacteria, Botox is the original FDA-approved botulinum toxin derivative approved for the treatment of wrinkles on the forehead, crow’s feet, and frown lines.

When injected, Botox temporarily blocks nerve signals to the underlying muscle. Without this nerve signal, the muscle can no longer contract. As such, Botox can be an effective way to reduce the wrinkles and creases that result from underlying muscle movement.

The Basics Of Botox

If you’ve never had Botox before, you may have some questions about the procedure and the results. Dr. Naveen Ahuja is always happy to consult with you and to provide insight into whether Botox is the right approach.

How Does Botox Work And What Is Treatment Like?

Dr. Naveen Ahuja approach to Botox and other injectable medicines is simple. Use the best products, implement the latest and safest techniques, and make the procedure as comfortable as possible.

Dr. Naveen Ahuja performs all Botox injections himself, right here in our office. Dr. Naveen Ahuja will use a high-frequency vibrational machine to further enhance your comfort and, if requested, a numbing cream can be applied.

What Facial Areas Can Be Treated With Botox?

Forehead Wrinkles
Botox can be an effective treatment for forehead furrows. This is one of the most common areas for Botox injections, as horizontal forehead lines are typically among the first signs of aging that people notice.

Frown Lines “Eleven Lines”
Botox is often used to treat the area between the eyebrows, where “frown lines” can appear and give you a tired or angry appearance. Many people refer to these lines as the “eleven lines” because of the paired lines that occur between the brows. With Botox, you can soften and even eliminate these lines.

Crow’s Feet
The crow’s feet are small wrinkles and creases that branch out from the corner of the eyes. Because the skin here is quite thin, wrinkles tend to be very prominent. Botox can soften and minimize their appearance.

Migraine Treatment
Migraines can be triggered by muscle impingement on facial nerves. Botox can be used to weaken these muscles, which in turn release the pressure on the nerves and reduces the occurrence of migraines.

Wide Jaws, Jaw Clenching
Botox can be used to weaken overactive jaw muscles. Overactive jaw muscles can cause symptoms such as jaw pain and tooth wear. Cosmetically, this can cause the back of the jaw to widen. Botox, when injected into this muscle, softens the contractions of the muscle, helping preserve teeth, reduce pain, and narrow the posterior jaw.

Lip Flip
The muscles of the lips set the shape of the mouth. By carefully adding small doses of Botox to the upper lip, the position of the upper lip can be changed to elevate the cupid’s bow for a lip that looks fuller without adding filler.

Overactive Chin Muscles (Mentalis Strain)
Sometimes the muscles of the chin can be overactive, leading to the puckering of the skin of the chin. Botox can be used to decrease this effect.

Neck Lines
Neck lines can occur when the neck muscles (platysmus) are overactive. Botox, when injected into these muscles, can minimize or remove these lines.

The Benefits Of Getting Botox Injections

Many people rely on Botox to keep them feeling and looking their best. Some of the reasons Botox is popular are:

Botox Injection Process Explained

How Long Does A Botox Injection Session Take?

The duration of your appointment depends mainly on how many areas you need to be treated. Botox tends to be a quick and expedient process, usually taking no more than 20 to 30 minutes.

How Many Botox Injection Sessions Will I Need?

While it is often possible to achieve the desired results with a single treatment, you may return for a touch-up if the initial result isn’t exactly what you hoped for.

What Should I Do In Preparation For My Botox Injection Session?

Before your treatment, you should avoid blood thinners to prevent bleeding and bruising. In addition, you should not drink alcohol before your treatment. Otherwise, there is nothing else you need to do to prepare.

What Does A Botox Injection Feel Like? Is It Painful?

Dr. Naveen Ahuja has perfected his technique to minimize pain and bruising. A vibration device is used to conceal the pinch of the needle and the Botox is placed slowly to keep things comfortable. On request, a topical numbing medication is used. Please reserve this ahead of time to allow adequate time for the medication to work.

What Should I Expect After Each Botox Injection?

Following injection, most people experience little to no side effects. Rarely, bruising can occur and will resolve on its own within just a few days. After injection, you should refrain from massaging, icing, or sleeping on the areas injected for 4 hours.

When Should I See Results?

You may start to see some initial results in just three or four days, though it can take up to a week before the full results of your Botox treatment are evident. Deeper lines will start to fade with persistent treatments.

How Long Will It Last?

While it can vary from patient to patient, Botox results usually last for three to five months. Additional maintenance injections can help you extend your results indefinitely.

Other Things To Consider Before Getting Botox

Are There Any Risks Or Side Effects When Getting Botox?

When improperly administered, Botox can potentially be unsafe. The best way to minimize your risk is to make sure your injections are performed by a skilled, experienced injector. Dr. Naveen Ahuja is a double board-certified plastic surgeon with a proven track record of promoting patient safety.

Should I Really Get Botox? Is It Right For Me?

Ultimately, only you can decide whether Botox is worth it. Dr. Naveen Ahuja can guide you on how Botox might help you achieve your cosmetic goals, and also recommend any alternative treatments for you to consider.

Are There Any Alternatives To Achieving The Results I’m Looking For?

During your consultation, Dr. Naveen Ahuja may recommend that you consider dermal fillers, another injectable medication that can reduce certain types of wrinkles. If you are looking for more substantial and long-lasting results, FaceTite® or even a surgical facelift may be worth considering.

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