Reconstructive Surgery

Reconstructive surgery can help correct defects caused by genetics, disease, or injury, while also restoring normal appearance and function. Dr. Naveen Ahuja specializes in various reconstructive surgical options for the face, breast, and body. Visit our practice in NYC to learn more about the options available for your specific needs.
For growths too large for a dermatologist to remove in-office, Dr. Naveen Ahuja can offer surgical removal of cancerous growths as well as full aesthetic reconstruction. For smaller affected areas, his surgical experience offers him the skill to restore the skin to a more natural state.
Traumatic accidents can lead to facial injuries, including issues with the nose, jaw, chin, and cheeks. With years of experience under his belt, Dr. Naveen Ahuja can recreate your facial features to restore function and appearance.
Lipomas are slow-growing, fatty lumps. While they are usually not cancerous, they can be embarrassing or uncomfortable. Dr. Naveen Ahuja can remove them safely and expediently, and help you feel more satisfied with your appearance.
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